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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


There is a group of people that I choose to associate with both online and in person. We are all knife collectors and a lot of us are friends. I went to Atlanta in June to meet them, and umm..cough..we heard we had a really good time.

Anyway, we have a forum website that we hang out at, (I've been a member there since late 1998) and it has many different topics (threads) of discussion. Topics such as manufacturers, new products, questions, martial arts, knife laws, etc. But we have another section of the forum that could be described as off-off topic. For example, here is a current list of the topics there today.

Best website ever
Men's Rules
Hey, what's up with this
Female or she-male?
In the hizzouse, beeyatch
Can your octupus do that?
When it absolutely, positively, has to get drunk over night
PLease Ignore this
Pinned under the bar on the benchpress
Worst ever reason for a knife fight
Hey Ren, R U out there?
Skeleton sex
Which one of you Bastids mailed me the Porno?
Do you like to pee outside?
moving day

These guys are nuts. and I love em.
I'm banking on my Income Tax Return to provide the funds for this year's Blade Show in Atlanta. Fun In A Bun.


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