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What a day already.

Had to get up early to take Katie to the dentist by 8:30 where they further 'rassed me about my balance. I paid them $100 today tho, and now my balance is only $125! Almost time to start on the other crown now..another 500 buckaroos. She had to go today to get another temporary filling put in the tooth that has been drilled out and is waiting for the $500 crown. I just can't do it yet. I love Comfort Dental tho, they asked Katie if she had another appointment to get the second crown yet and she said no, cause we don't have insurance now. She said she then heard the dentist say to the assistant to put "follow-up visit, no charge" on today's appointment. That was nice, they had told me they were going to charge me $69. By the way, all Comfort Dental offices have FREE dentistry for anyone without insurance on Christmas Eve, first come first served. (They do this every year). The work they start has to be able to be completed that day though, so it doesn't work for me...but someone else out there might be able to use this information.

Came home and Mark and I took off for the Northglenn Salvation Army, which in my opinion is the best around. It's huge and they have tons and tons and tons of really good clothes. Today they were having a mega sale, all cothes were either 3 for $1, 99 cents, or half price, depending on the tag color. I got about 10 shirts for the kids, and Mark got two pairs of like new jeans. We also got 10 bags of really really good books. 90% of them are brand spanking new. And $2 a bag!

Then we had to race home and get ready for court. Mark had an unfair parking-type ticket, and we are fighting it because a) it's stupid. b) There's no "no parking" sign posted there.. and c) It's a $100 ticket! They set him up for a future appointment with the City Attorney, which almost always means a reduced fee.

Raced home after that to take Daniel to the library, but after reading his assignment, we decide he can find the info online. We had to madly pack books for the post office, we had at least 40 to mail, and we were just at the post office on Friday! It's been a nice month for booksales.

Now I am hungry and pooped. Doing laundry and enjoying the nice clean house that Katie cleaned before she left for work. She's so sweet!

Oh, almost forgot. Daniel and I saw this horrendous domestic fight across the street. I heard the commotion in the house with the doors shut, for chrissakes. First I heard yelling then *smash!*. I ran outside and this guy was taking all this woman's stuff from in the house and smashing it in the street! They were yelling like there was no tomorrow. Wonder if we'll see a moving truck there soon. I was shaking when I came back inside, they were really going at it. It made me upset.

That's it for now. Gotta list the books.


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