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Who remembers the Sega Channel?

1995, the web was in it's toddler-hood. "Gamers" were clicking away on Nintendos and the Sega Genesis system. God, I know we were. Sega Channel enabled subscribers to choose from over 50 video games a month through their cable service, for an additional $15 a month.

We were Sega Channel junkies. We played Sega Games like fiends. Everyone had their faves. Daniel and Dan played role playing games, I was more of a "Legend of Zelda" player. I remember some nights staying up all night playing Zelda. We had a fair mix of games ourselves, but the Sega Channel afforded us to play tons of games that we would otherwise have no exposure to. Last year for Christmas Daniel wanted a Sega! they have been out of production for years, but the games are dirt cheap and plentiful on half or ebay. I found a game console for about $10 at a used video game store and he was thrilled! He still plays it nearly every day and it's fun to buy him all the old games we used to play

Katie and I were just having a conversation about something that happened a long time ago and she said "It was when we had the Sega Channel". Too funny.


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