Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Katie and I just got home from Christmas shopping and now we both have a headache. I got some good stuff tho, Im so frugal and savvy I amaze even myself. The mall is close, but sometimes it's just a few more minutes of driving to get to the places with the good stuff. Everyone in this house hates the mall with a passion, so that's not even an option. We never ever go there. I wanted to go by WalMart too, but Katie had to get home to go to work. So we just hit Marshall's and TJ Maxx and had fun in a bun.

I've talked Mark into going to the yummy Chinese place we went to last week, Im craving it. Im hoping Daniel will be around to go with us, but he's probably off with Heather somewhere. (I think he really likes her).

Later gators.


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