Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Colorado Mills.

You must go there. I know, I know... I just said I hate malls. Colorado Mills is so fun tho. Mark and I took Emma there after her eye doctor appointment to see Santa. We had to wait for an hour, because he had just left for lunch. So he finally came back and wow, what a great Santa they had! He was a nice old guy, really "Santa" looking and sweet as can be. They had a really cute set up. They weren't pushy with their own sell (pictures) and had no problem with me taking my own. They came out very cute. In one picture you can see Emma counting on her fingers, listing the things she wanted. lol!

Then we came home and I wasn't yet done "malling" so Daniel and I went back up there for 2 hours. So essentially, I've been in the mall since about 1pm. Insanity!

Now Rudolph is on, so guess what we're watching.


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