Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I can't breathe. My head is full of..something. I sound like James Earl Jones with a clothespin on his nose. I can't breathe out of either side of my nose, and Katie has the nose spray in her room. Not a problem normally, just go get it right? No. She's working out and you don't go in there when she's working out. She puts her chair in front of the door so you cant even open it if you wanted to. She's lost so much weight, I can't believe it! Her old pants look ridiculous on her, they hang like drapes. She's had to buy several new pairs lately. I have to wait until she's done before I can go get any nose spray.

I took Nyquil before I went to bed last night, and it gave me the most fucked up dreams. I kept dreaming about the damn people on the Amazing Race. Dumb! I was up and wide awake about 4 times during the night. I was groggy this morning till I took the Dayquil. Medicine to go to sleep, medicine to wake up. And now it's almost time to take some more Nyquil and start the process all over again. Im a "quil" junkie.

I still am not done shopping. What am I going to get my mother? And now I have to get something else for Katie, because I've over bought for Daniel and Amanda. And I still need something else for Mark. Wake me on December 26, wouldja?


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