Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Still sick. sore throat is gone. My head is draining the something that was clogged in there. The back of my throat feels like an oil slick. As Amanda would say, "it's dripping from my hangie ball." Don't ask.

We spent 4 hours in Salvation Army today getting books. Do you want to know how many? Do you? No? Too bad. 23 freaking bags of books, packed to the hilt. Probably 30 books per bag. We figure we got anywhere from 550-600 books. All new or nearly new. We can't list them yet, because we still have books from the last haul that we haven't listed yet, and I have forbidden Mark to list any more books until we get the shelves in order, and the current lot of books already listed and laying in the floor put away. You cant just keep listing and listing and not put shit on the shelves. Helloooo! I think I'm going to go down there in a bit and see if I can do some shuffling to make room for the overflow. I hate doing that tho. As Emma would say..."Booorrring!!"

What else. That's pretty much it. Isn't that dull? Yes, I know it is. Fuck you and come and put away books. I'll give ya a cookie.


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