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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Everyone's life seems to be a flurry of activity lately, and ours isn't. And I'm so glad. Today we spent a couple of hours at Sally in Northglenn getting 10 more bags of books. That makes about 30 bags unlisted, that we're working on. We had a nice dinner and some cuddling in front of the fire. Everything is quiet and calm, and people are getting along. It's nice.

Amanda's boyfriend Justin proposed to her tonight. They had already talked a lot about getting married, but tonight he made it official. He spelled out "Amanda will you marry me?" in christmas lights. Isn't that sweet? She's so excited. They are truly perfect together. Congrats, Lucy.

And on a related-but-not note, Mark gave me a ring a long time ago (before we were "officially" together) that I never wore. It was a little small anyway, and he hemmed and hawed when he gave it to me, telling me he "didn't want it to convey something it didn't". So I just put it away. But tonight he asked me if we could go get it sized tomorrow and would I start wearing it, cause "it's appropriate now"... Im not sure what that means, but Im just gonna go with it. It's a really pretty ring, a purple amethyst heart surrounded by little diamonds. Maybe he just forgot to get me a Christmas present, and this is him covering his ass. lol

I got a comment from Living Nappy, who I wrote about earlier. I think it was sarcastic, but it's hard to tell. I feel bad that I wrote anything about her, but Im not gonna delete it cause I don't do that. I had no idea she was reading here, I don't remember sending her my url when I wrote, but I must have. Anyway, if I sounded bitchy I apologize.

Gotta list books. I know, boring!


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