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I'm wondering if Cindi made it to NYC this morning. They got an enormous dumping of snow, the airports have been closed, and the city is crippled. Find a computer and blog to us, sister!

Christmas was a lot of fun, and it's not even over yet! Emma arrives tomorrow and it will be unwrap day all over again. There are tons of presents left under the tree, plus one from Cindi, and a couple at Gramma Maxine's too. I can't wait to see her open all the great stuff she got and see what she loves the best. She's always trying to finangle a way to get toys from here to her mom's house, and probably vice versa. I like that she has a lot of the same beloved things at both places, and that neither house feels like she's ever just visiting. She'll be here for well over a week come tomorrow, and I know she'll be glad that the kids are off of school until she goes back to mommy's. She loves it when the kids are here.

Yesterday we started at my mom's house, had a big breakfast and pressies, then came home while the kids went to my dads. Had a nice leisurely afternoon, just Mark and I taking a well deserved Christmas nap. So nice and quiet. We left here then to go to my dad's, after much hemming and hawing from me about how nervous I was to go there. It's been 2 1/2 years since I've even spoken to my dad, because of stupid nothing arguments. But it was great to see him, and it was like nothing had ever happened. I got to see my dog (Murphy) that my dad took in when I had to move into the apartment after the divorce. I think he knew who I was immediately. He wouldn't leave my lap and ran right up to me wagging his tail and being SO excited when we came in. My dad said he usually barks like crazy when people come in. That was the best part of Christmas, almost..was seeing my puppy. He's old now (10) and mostly deaf, but he's my sweetie.

I got lots of fun stuff, too much to list. Lots of heartfelt and thoughtful gifts that come from people that know how to show they know you without spending a lot of money. Mark was very romantic and sentimental, too much so to share.

It's been a quiet, peaceful holiday surrounded by the people I love. Gotta love that.


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