Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Quiet so far.

Katie is at work till 9, Im sure there will be people trickling in and out after that. We don't have a lot planned other than the fabulous pot roast that is in the oven, some imbibery of choice and a nice small fire. Emma has figured out what today is all about and is repeatedly asking if she can stay up till midnight..not that she even knows what midnight is I dont think. We're gonna let her try it, it's a tradition in our house to bang pots and pans and generaly be unruly at midnight on New Years Eve, so what the heck. If we don't keep her up, we'll surely wake her up.

Mark is busy in the laundry room/library building more shelves. I hear an occasional noise..a saw, a hammer, a four letter we're staying out of the way.

Im hungry and dinner is an hour away still. hurumpf.


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