Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


We're all settled for the night, warming up with soup and coffee. We went to Noglenn Sally and picked up 6 bags o books. Good haul, I think. We still have remnants of the 23 bags and the 6 after that waiting to be listed, but with nowhere to shelve them, it's pointless. Mark and Emma are watching LOTR on Starz right now, something I couldn't be less interested in. So I'm filling orders, chatting to friends and catching up with email. We've designated Thursday this week as "Tackle the Bedroom" day and I'm so glad. Tomorrow Mark is going to try and finish off the laundry room/library shelves while I go get a car wash and basically do anything to just stay out of the way. We still need to make a trek over to my moms this week sometime, Emma still has pressies over there! I'd like to take her up to my dad's soon too, but they are leaving for Vegas on Jan 3, so it might have to wait until next time.

I think Cindi comes home from NYC tomorrow, can't wait to hear the tales.

What's everyone doing for New Years Eve? We're having a houseful of teenagers, as usual. Fun in a bun.


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