Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I had to run some unpleasant errands today, and while I was gone Mark cleaned the bedroom. This was a huge monumental task, let me tell you. While he was tidying etc I cleaned out my closet and I have two bags of clothes to donate to.. where else..Sally's Army of course. I'm ashamed to admit one skirt still has an ARC tag on it! Now if I can just keep from buying my old clothes back...

Im just tickled to death that my bedroom is tidy. he's been doing laundry all day, load after load after load, and is so diligent about bringing each dry load and putting it away immediately. I know! I know! It's fabulous. He's such a good cheerer upper.

We had a nice dinner alone, which is always a treat. Now I'm just waiting till Curious George is done blathering so I can see the last American Idol auditions. It may turn out to be an ok day after all.


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