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It's been a really busy couple of days. Last night I got about halfway through my Survivor amazon bios and predictions when Mark messages me (we're 4 floors apart in the house, so yea we IM each other frequently) and says he wants to go cuddle and watch a movie. Who could resist? So we watched "A Beautiful Mind" which was very good. Touching..and sweet. Watching movies about true events like that makes me want to go read up about the person, which I immediately went and did. We went to bed very late, then stayed up even later talking about anything and everything. Mostly the past, and what makes our situation "work" and what made other situations "not work..." You know..just Life Rehash 101. We're coming up on our 3rd anniversary of meeting each other, our first date was on Superbowl Sunday. We had met online just a few days prior, and since both of us were anti-SuperBowl, decided to meet up and see what we thought of each other. And here we are...three years later.

Today we had to get up at the ungodly hour of 7:30am and take Schatze to the vet for his snippotomy. Then no sooner had we gotten home when the managment company of Mark's condo called to say there was a water break and it might be in Mark's condo. So we had to hurry down there in rush hour traffic through T-Rex construction traffic, only to discover it was not Mark's condo. bleh. We came home, went to the post office then went to pick up my new freezer that we bought yesterday at the thrft store. it's so's a 15.3 cu foot "fridge size" Sears freezer. It was $92, but yesterday was 50% off day at Arc, so we got it for FORTY SIX DOLLARS! And it's perfect. Nothing is broken, it has all the shelves, the seals are perfect..and it was FORTY SIX DOLLARS! We bought it last night, then realized we really didn't have a plan to get it home. I called Amanda today and asked if her and Justin would be willing to "truck it" for us, and they met us over there this evening. It wasn't near as heavy as I thought it would be and we got it in the garage nicely. Now I can stock up on all the frozen food my heart desires, and buy meat from men who come to the door whenever I want.

We picked up Schatze and he bolted out of the cat carrier as soon as we got him home. He's dragging his back legs, I suppose because of the anesthesia. He ran straight for his spot under Katie's bed and we haven't seen him since. Poor guy, I'm sure he's pissed as hell at us. heh. When we left the vet says "In 6 hours or so he should back to his usually happy self". Mark and I just laughed cause Schatze is never happy.
He hates all of us...all the time.

Tomorrow we have to go down to Mark's condo again, and clean out the fridge and shower. They've started showing it some, and we never did quite finish cleaning it. It's weird to be there. Not bad weird, just weird. Normally when you move, you leave the old place behind and just remember it in your mind. But now we've been moved in here together for 6 months, and it's just weird to go back to his "bachelor pad". Mostly good memories there, but also memories of when we weren't really together and I wanted to be....and knowing he was "entertaining" frequently. I'm so happy the way things are now, and that we're happy together.

American Idol starts in fact. Im gonna go make cookies and watch it.


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