Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Hmm. What is there to post about.

We went and picked out Emma's glasses today. They had very few to choose from that were covered under Mark's plan, but I think they're cute. Dark grey/black wire frames, with tortoise shell ear thingies. It was that or gold..which looked horrible..or these clunky purple transparent frames. Ick. Emma had a great time trying them on. She wanted to take them home today!

then we got back to the car and discovered we had a parking ticket, even tho we'd fed the meter. the ticket was for "improper parking at a meter" and the officer wrote "door in front of meter". WTF? I guess they want you to park JustFuckingRight or forget it. Mark was sour the rest of the day after that.

We bought some meat from a guy that came to the door. Weirdness.

I'm chatting to Mary and having too much fun. I love Mary.


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