Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I remembered two fun things.

Katie and I went shopping by ourselves today, and it was so great. I really miss spending as much time with Katie as I used to, we always have a really good time together, we laugh our asses off..and besides, Katie is a really fun person to be around.

She needed some new work pants because she'd lost so much weight. (yay Katie!) We went to Old Navy and she tried on the next size down from what she was and they were still too big! (yay again Katie!) So she had to go down to even the next size, and they fit her well, but even a little big in the waist. I wish wish wish I had her motivation! She comes home every day from school where she takes honors classes and gets straight A's, eats, goes to work, comes home at 10:30, works out, does her homework, goes to bed and does it all over again. She told me today her science teacher recommended her for College Prep Honors Physics next year. She's so damn smart, yet she has no idea what she wants to do out of school yet. She's thinking about Pharmacology, which would probably be good for her.

Also, Amanda called and wants me to help make calls and arrange flowers for the wedding. Im glad about that. Not too difficult, and nearly impossible to screw up as she is being very specific about what she wants. As long as what she wants gets there on the right day, Im golden.

We've decided to get Schatze "snipped". He has "marked" in the house twice now, and I don't know if this will help, but I'm hoping. If not, he maybe sleeping with the fishes. Nah, I'll just send him home with Emma..maybe Dy wont notice.


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