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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Quick post before I hit the couch for a bit.

Busy day..we headed out to go to the eyeglass place to pick out emma's new glasses, but they closed at 1:30(?). So we headed for a thrift store, and I finally found some jeans. Perfect fit, fine shape..2.89. Whee! We called Sally Army from this other thrift store and found they were having "books by the bag" today so we headed over there and picked up six bags, plus a perfect IBM 17" computer monitor for 20 bucks.
We came home and ate leftovers from last night (yumm) and then headed over to my moms, the recipient of the 17" monitor. She was thrilled! She has her fonts set to "oh my god" large anyway, cause she can't see for crap. So this made everything even bigger, and she's happier than a pig in shit.

Came home and I made a grocery list, looked at all the grocery ads and decided Cub Foods was the best deal this week, so I headed up there and spent $150. (eep!) But that will last us a gooood long while.

Daniel is at Dans, Katie is at Charlies, and Mark is putting away books. Emma is watching Spirit for the 45th time (no not really, we've weaned her down to one movie a day, and one hour of "shows" - yay!) and all is peaceful. I am SO ready to go plant my ass on the couch for a few minutes, Diet Coke in hand.


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