Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Something dumb, cause I'm bored.

[Current Clothes ] A new shirt I got at Arc yesterday that i love. Jeans, and socks.
[ Current Mood ] bored as shit, headachy
[ Current Music ] New Found Glory
[ Current Make-up ] eyeliner and mascara
[ Current Hair ] cute half pony tail
[ Current Annoyance] Daniel is stalling and bitching about putting the dishes away.
[ Current Desktop Picture ] One I took on the way to Fairplay
[ Current thing I ought to be doing ] Cleaning the kitchen
[ Current Book ] Am reading two books (as usual) "Breathing Lessons" by Anne Tyler and "The Everything Wedding Book"
[ Current Refreshment ] Ice Water
[ Current Beau ] aww...Mark
[ Current Favorite Celebrity ] Hmm..gotta be Nick Cage.
[ Last Person You Touched ] Mark (
[ Last Person You Talked to ] Daniel
[ What You Said ] "Please unload the dishes before you go to bed"
[ Last Person You Hugged ] Mark
[ Last PersonYou Instant messaged ] Mark
[ Last Person You Yelled At ] Mark (hee)
[ Last Person You Kissed ] Mark
[ Last Person You Ignored ] Hmm, I don't really do the "ignore" thing. I yell at people, then get over it.
[ Last Person Who Broke Your Heart ] Katie, talking about how she can't wait to move out. Not in a mad or bad way...but it breaks my heart to think of her not being here.

So there ya go. Now I'm bored again.


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