Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Do you remember The Hogan Family? Late 80's, Valerie Harper..I think her husband was a pilot or some shit.

I remember an episode where their aunt died, at a store or something. They're all sitting around the living room as somber as can be, and Valerie comes in. Someone says "We lost grandma at the supermarket". Valerie says "Well, didn't you even look for her?"

I think that's the best line in sitcom history. I'm probably remembering it totally wrong, I tend to do. I do remember Mrs Poole tho.

Crazy stuff.


Anyway, kind of a shitty day all around. A misunderstanding kept folks quiet and in their respective caves for some time. I feel like this was a totally wasted day, in the scheme of things.


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