Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I don't feel well, and it's getting worse.

Just achy, crabby, and generally blah. Maybe that accounts for my bitchfest last night. Ah, who knows.

I just made a fire and gonna go zone waiting for American Idol. btw, I Just started reading this book called "Endangered Minds" and it's enforcing my feelings about turning off the tv as much as humanly possible. Of course it's entirely possible to turn it off completely, but I don't think that's realistic. What I've found most interesting is numerous warnings and descriptions of the "glass-eyed child" The zoned-out look that children get when they watch tv. This is actually a very detrimental condition, and one not to be favored, by any means. It looks like a positive thing, "oooh, look at his attention span!"... but in reality it's not a good thing at all. Children's brain waves during a tv/movie 'zone out' period are actually markedly dulled, and in this certain state, they lose an enormous amount of important brain cells, a state comparable to a senior citizen whose brain cells have stopped absorbing information. Their brains essentially go to sleep. There is only a slight increase in brain activity when children are watching "learning tv".

I've only read information about this regarding children, but Im sure the same must be true for adults, albeit maybe less so..i dont know. it's definately something I want to keep reading about. Maybe there will be a show about it..on tv.


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