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I've said before, sometimes I like to write people who's blogs I'm enjoying. (Or is it whose blogs I'm enjoying...? Dy? Trish?) I've also said before..the emails aren't always well received...or maybe I should say they just don't seem to be received at all, because at least 1/2 the time, I never get a response back. Who doesn't respond an email that someone took the time to sit and compose? My goodness people.. if busy people take the time to write and say they like what you're doing, have some common sense and say thanks. (Or you could be sarcastic and snarky like some other people..)anyway..that's not even my point. ...and I do have one...

In addition, if I find a "bad" blog, I want to write to those people too. I want to write and say - (These are actual comments I've thought of sending...)

"Your layout is numbing..."
"Who are these people you're talking about, I've been reading for 2 months and I'm still lost.."
"Is this an abandoned blog?"
"Your text is atrocious.. what is that?"

And 9 times out of 10 I got to this horrible blog through a link on someone else's blog so I want to write to the referrer too and ask them
"Are you really reading this crap?"

I would never ever send it..but man I think about it. I compose the letter in my head, and it seems so appropriate..and then it seems mean. I've even thought about having a blogrolling list of blogs to avoid, and blogs I hate. But I always think better of it. I would be sad if someone did that to me, cause we're all just trying to find a place here, kinda.

But damn, some of these really suck.


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