Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Ugh, I'm so full I could burst. BBQ ribs, scalloped potatoes and home made crab salad. Throw in a diet coke and you've got dinner. Now we've got coffee brewing, I'm hoping it will bring on the digestion. I decided I have entirely too much food here to ask to go out to dinner.

Emma likes her new glasses, but has already taken them off a couple of times and left them "elsewhere"..thinking we wont notice I think. We got a little purple glasses case for them, and she's as thrilled with that as anything else. She has said several times how much better she can see now. I'm so glad about that. The optometrist recommended that she wear them with an elastic strap. She said based on the Rx, they're necessary to wear all the we might go looking for one of those tomorrow.

I went to arc by myself, just needing the "time" know. and found a couple of really rare pyrex bowls that I'm gonna slap on ebay tomorrow. I'm happy about it, I've strayed away from my ebay selling, but now that the bedroom's clean I can move around and work in here, and it's time to get back in the swing. I did just recently sell the 10 old pyrex cups I got way back when in Monte Vista for $27. (I paid $1.75) That's fun in a moldy bun.

What else, i dunno.


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