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Have you ever been an active member in an online forums site? They are "Bulletin Boards", where folks go and post topics, and respond to threads (the string of comments in a topic) in existing topics. Some are just general gabbery, there's the Straight Dope one which I don't care for because it is sloppy, vague and cliquish. And some are trade or interest specific. I think my mom frequents the A & E Mysteries forums or some shit. Riveting stuff going on over there.

The one I haunt is a trade specific one. I have 1260 posts there, over the past 5 years. I don't like to give out the url because..well just because. It's like single George and engaged George meshing together in Jerry's apartment. You just really don't want to see it. And it's not all that interesting, anyway.

But when you're an active member of a forum, it seems that the camaraderie and competition becomes both insanely frustrating and yet wildly entertaining. I've had misunderstandings in the forums with people I consider friends..and I've moped about it for days. I've posted things to deliberately push people's buttons. I've also been the recipient of some outrageous generosity from some of the other members. And I feel like the forums was my biggest and best sounding board when Dan left.

And if you've been at a forum for long enough, you garner a certain respect..not quite real, not quite imagined. People will stick up for you, and others will give you the benefit of the doubt when you're in question. That's kinda neat, I think.

I know some of the fellas from there pop in here once in a I just wanted them to know that I'm glad to see them here, and that I'm glad we're buddies.


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