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Oh, well here I am again. Nothing to say, really. Appointments out the wazoo coming up, it seems. Dr's, dentists, other unpleasant things that I don't want to mention, and my second appointment with an advisor at Front Range Community College. Looks like I might possibly be going to nursing school in the next couple of months or so. Something I've wanted to do forever, but never had the encouragement or the inclination on my own. Dan always discouraged me from doing anything like this, saying I was either to dumb or too fat.

Gotta get my financial aid in order, but am waiting on old tax return copies before I can do that. Mark and I have been talking about me going to school for a while, and finally sat down and looked at some numbers regarding money and time, and he thinks it's feasible, so I'm gonna take the reins and run. We talked about going the paramedic only route, but I think I'd like to go whole hog and get an R.N. degree if at all possible, and he thinks that's a better idea too. Im nervous about a thousand different things about it..but when you step back and look at it all, there really is no reason not to do it. I talked to Katie about it, lamenting that I would be so "old" by the time I was done...43 years old. She said the age old answer..."well, what will you be at 43 if you don't do it?!" true, true.

So...away we go.


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