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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


One more thing. Boys, you can skip this..only the girls can relate.

File this under too much information..

I started my period about 10 minutes after getting to the hospital this morning. I was there for thirteen hours.
No, I didn't have any paraphernalia. And I was >thisclose< to throwing some in my backpack this morning..and then didn't.
Consciously decided not to. Stupid, stupid.

Do you think there are tampons in a hospital? I thought there would be. but there aren't. When I asked, the nurses looked at me like I had horns. They mulled it over amongst themselves and decided the only place that might possibly have some is a machine...on the first floor.

Have you ever needed a tampon from a machine? they never have any. Ever. Ever. Ever. This one was no exception. We know damn well when we put a quarter in there, that nothing is coming out.

So now we're playing toilet paper Kotex games. This is really fun. This event will make you carry a tampon with you in your front pocket, every day...for the next 2 years.

I thought about going to maternity and getting real Kotex. But if you have kids, you remember those things. they were like hammocks. And besides, I wasn't embarassed to ask for a tampon, but asking for a Kotex seemed more humiliating. So I didn't. I just fiddlefucked around with what I had available and made do.

Later, one of the nurses whispered to me..

"Did you ever find the little thingie you were looking for?"
Little thingie? Next she's gonna start talking about
pee-pees and wee-wees.

"oooh...well..I..hmm...I...wished I knew what to tell you."

See? This is my day.


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