Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Running around like crazy people. Had to go to the bank, and the store and then another bank, then another store.

When we got up this morning our power was off. Mark and I sat around and looked at each other for a few minutes, wondering what the hell to do. We're lost without our toys, it seems. So I ran to 7-11 to at least get us some coffee. After while we went to the thrift store, where I bought a book (shut UP) to read at the hospital tomorrow. When we got home the power was finally on. Whee. I've got a new freezer full of door to door meat, dont forget!

Now am trying to re-arrange dentist appointments that were set up for tomorrow, and generally make sure everything is copesetic for me to be gone all day Wed and Thurs, at least. Ridiculous. You'd think I was leaving town for a week or something.


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