Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Did I miss a memo? No one is blogging. No one is around.

I e'd my taxes to Unka Sam. I figured out I could take all 4 of us to Europe and have a pretty good time for about a week if I didn't have bills to pay with this money. If I'd have had just 2 more kids to claim, we'd have really been in the monneyyy...Do I want 2 more kids to claim? Uhh, no. Ah, that's ok. It's gonna feel good to be debt free. Really good.

The mall was fun. Mark and I noted that Emma seems to be a lot more animated and seemed to be having more fun than usual about everything since she got her glasses. I bet they are making a world of difference. When we were doing her alphabet flashcards today, she seemed so much more focused and attentive. Then she wanted to play games on her computer, which is usually a 5 minute activity, but she played for about 45 minutes! I'm so excited for her, I bet she's marveling at how great things look now.

Katie is going to San Fran with Charlie's family over spring break. That sounds incredibly fun.


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