Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Whats going on today. Nada. Nada lot, anyway.

Made two books runs today, bought 11 bags. We are quickly running out of room again. Bleh. We have a small amount of space to build a few more shelves in the laundry room/library..but not much. We are looking at expanding out to the garage. But that means cleaning the garage first. Double ugh.

Tomorrow I have to run a bunch of blah errands, then Wed and Thurs will be 'Cindi surgery' days, spent at the hospital and her house. Im kind of looking forward to the break in routine.

Joe Millionaire was fun. Buh Bye frizzy head Melissa. Learn to cook.

I'm thinking about calling it a night and going to bed early. Well, early for me anyway.


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