Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I don't know what the hell was up with my pc yesterday. Or maybe it was blogger. I saw no Saturday posts, until today. Weird.

And yes, all...I will keep you posted on Cindi's surgery et al, I will be spending Wed after the surgery at the hospital, and taking her home Thursday, and then spending the day and into the night there. Then Katie is going to go over and spend the night Thursday night. We'll take good care of her!

Did the southward drive today to deliver the midget to mommy, and got home just in time. We were about 45 mins from home when the weather starting turning bad, freezing rain and lots of wind. Now here it is 3 hours later and we already have a good inch of snow on the ground. Katie is at work, but I think we will go pick her up..she doesn't get off till 10:30, she's never driven in the snow before and I'd rather she didn't cut her snow-driving teeth on my car.

So now I am working on Amanda's taxes.."Moommm...can you do it for me? I don't get it. Im confused." Looks like she has a nice chunk of change coming back to her too. Just think if she had 3 or 4 kids and could slap some Earned Income Credit on there..whee! Wait..what the hell am I saying?!!

Mark is taking a nap, Daniel is out and about with Heather and I'm bored as hell.


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