Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Mark found it, grr. It was in the hardbacks, (because it is a hardback...) but listed as a paperback. by me. yes, I fucked up. And I was so sure that it was a paperback, I didn't even look in the hardbacks. So everything I said about this intimate relationship I form with books I list? Ignore that.

Business is slow, today. I hope its temporary.

The roads are absolutely treacherous. We had to go get Katie, who had driven to work but was afraid to drive home (we wouldnt have let her anyway). Ward Rd. Hill was a bizzitch. And a cop followed me nearly all the way home. Thanks, I wasn't nervous enough as it was. 'preciate that.

The kitchen needs tidying. No one wants to help. Everyone has good excuses. I have nothing to do.


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