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I saw over at very unnecessary a link to this ridiculous story about Michael Jackson. This boy ain't right, folks.
From an interview the 44-year-old old self-styled "King of Pop" had with ITV1 interviewer Martin Bashir:

"I used a surrogate mother and my own sperm cells," Jackson said of his third child, who he infamously dangled over a Berlin hotel balcony in November to show off to his fans.

His two older children, five-year-old Prince Michael I and four-year-old Paris, appeared on film with Jackson wearing party masks. He fed his third child -- who he has nicknamed Blanket -- a bottle of milk while draping a veil over his head.

**Now, I've called my kids a lot of things, but "blanket?"

Jackson, a former child star who was physically abused by his father, insisted his interest in children was not sexual, saying he liked to tuck them up in bed and give them hot milk and cookies.



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