Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


The evening went much better than the day.

Mark and I headed back down south to a Kmart that's been "closing" for at least 6 weeks. Everytime we go down there the discounts are a little deeper, and the shelves are a lot barer. We did manage to find some things to stock up on, but we didn't go nuts. Then we went out to a nice dinner at Alamos Verdes, a restaurant that's been in Arvada for years..I remember going there as a kid. It was yummy scrummy, and the service was stellar.

While we were at Kmart, I asked Mark "what time is it?" and he said "7:01". I couldnt believe we were missing Vivor. I called home and had Daniel tape it for us...phew. And how about these new tribes, eh? heh heh. Shawna's all about making me puke, and I still love Deena. Heidi must go and soon.

Emma comes tomorrow, for an extended stay due to Spring Break. I think Im fully stocked on Emma must haves. Ham, beef stew, pop-tarts, Crystal Light with Calcium, goldfish, and oreos. The necessities.

Katie is going to San Fransisco in about a week. Big pout. We'll miss her. Here's a shot I took of her today while she was chatting to Amanda.


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