Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


We really do start losing our head when we can't find a book. Yes, it's the same book we couldn't find yesterday.
Danelle: whatcha doin cutie
Mark: walking in the laundry room lookin stupid
Danelle: yea? i doubt that
Mark: well i walk in ...
Mark: stroll up and down, i can feel the books nudging each other and nodding in my direction as if to say - "look, it's back again"
Danelle: ha!
Mark: then 6800 tiny sighs of relief as i leave without one
Mark: i think they are hiding it
Danelle: that's kinda creepy tho.
Mark: i want to start burning a random book in the laundry room until they turn it over.
Mark: i have had enough of this "I'm Spartacus" crap
Mark: it's book burning time
Mark: take the batteries out of the smoke detector - NO-ONE WILL HEAR THEM SCREAM
Mark: i think i need to stop reading Dave Barry while taking a shit, it's doing something to my head.
Danelle: I have to blog this


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