Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Im so tired of this layout. Blah.

Today's been...I dunno. Dull, boring, and yet I had to be on my toes all day cause of Emma. Mark slept for a good 6 hours, Charlie, Kt and Daniel went to Dan's for dinner, and Daniel is spending the night there, so there was no one else here. Emma was having a particularly needy day, not naughty or anything just... "I want this, can I do that, where's this, I need a snack, Im hungry, Im thirsty, can I watch this, the tv's not working, can I wake daddy up..etc, etc.." augh. Mark is finally up now and is feeling much better. I've announced I am having some Nell time at present.

Amanda called me today..sick, sick, sick. Had it coming out both ends, so to speak. She didn't want to call Justin to go get her some meddies, cause she didn't want him to know she had diarrhea. Heh. Cindi had agreed to bring her some, but soon after Amanda broke down and had Justin bring it for her. Told her to get some immodium and some Gatorade asap. She called a little while later and said both were helping a lot. Immodium rocks. diddums...she was crying when she called me the first time, I felt helpless! I had no car and my girlie needed some stuff! Thanks to Cindi for agreeing to go, even though she ended up not needing to.

So what am I going to do about this layout, I wonder.


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