Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


All's quiet. Emma needed some meddies for a cough, which she gulped splendidly..sometimes it's tricky. She's playing quietly in her room, Mark's taking a nap and I just put a yummy metloaf in the oven. Should be ready just after Vivor starts. My meatloaf never comes out the same, maybe a little italian dressing, bbq sauce, dry onion soup mix, possibly some crunched up wheat thins substitue for the bread crumbs, and always diced onions. This time I also dropped in a small dollop of hot mustard. Should be interesting, it always comes out good though. I like to use those little French's dried onion strips sometimes too, but didn't have any this time. Im the last person anyone should ever buy a recipe book for, I never use em, never have. I cook like my mom did, a little of this, a little of that and it usually turns out pretty good. We're meat and potatoes kinda eaters, so it's never too difficult to get something to come out well. I do a mean stir fry tho. I dont cook italian however, because I don't like it. I have perfected the art of indoor pork ribs tho, eh Dy?

Riveting stuff I know.

We just got back from the post office and I was looking around intently for Cyndi, to make sure I didnt miss her again. Damn, I still feel bad about that. Ah well...


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