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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Sooo...has anyone else noticed a lot of hiccups in blogger since the whole google thing was announced? *sigh.

And how come everytime I post how great Mark is he does something to totally piss me off. Bah. We worked it out tho. We just both have very passionate tempers, and are extremely stubborn. But...on the other hand who else could possibly live with us, except another hot tempered stubborn ass. We work damn hard for this relationship, I'll tell you that.

I couldnt pay all of Katie's dental bill this morning, But I got within $175, and I'm happy about that. She was there for 2.5 hours...augh. Afterwards I came home and chilled on the couch, watching episode after episode of "Birth Day" on Discovery Health. Late in the afternoon Mark and I went to buy books, go out to dinner, and to the grocery store. A pretty productive day after all. Now we're having some time to ourselves, we're hooking up on the couch under a quilt around 10 to watch a movie and share some coffee. Life really is good. Tomorrow is already Emma day...I can't believe it! We've already finished shopping for her birthday (a month and half away), and there's stuff laying all over the place that I need to hide!

A personal note to Cyndi P...Im so sorry I didnt see you in the post office. Was it yesterday, with Katie? I was so flustered, because it was so busy and I always take up so much time at the window. I pretend no one is there cause I can feel the daggers at my back. Seriously, don't let me get away with that again! sister is going to Mexico? I had no idea. That's like one of the top three things I want to do before I croak. Bah. I'll likely not make it out of Colorado for the next few years, much less out of this country. Ppffttt.... Hey, weren't we supposed to go somewhere when I turned 40?


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