Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I'm telling you, these are the greatest things since Gore invented the internet:

Emma hates taking liquid cough medicine (who doesn't), and even though she was usually pretty nice about taking it, it was still really yucky and she hated it. I bought some of these today, and gave her one in the parking lot. I took it out of the package and handed it to her, and said, "put it on your tongue, it says it will melt really fast." By the time I had the box closed she said "it's gone". And all the way home she was saying "wow, those are great!" She couldn't wait to run in the house and show them to daddy. I think the big pain of giving her cold and cough meddies is OVER! Woohoo! Dy, you know what to do. heh.

I just want to sit around and be lazy. Can I? I dont want to list books, I don't want to pull books..I don't want to make dinner. Emma wants macaroni and cheese and turkey ham tho. That I can do. I cant hardly keep any turkey ham in the house when she's here. Even if she just happens to see it in the fridge, she wants some instantly. I'm glad it's cheap.

Everyone else is getting left-over meatloaf.


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