Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Kt: hey
Danelle: hey
Kt: i instant messaged grandma and she goes "hey, did you have a half day at school today?"
Kt: and im like its sunday!
Danelle: oh dear.
Danelle: what did she say then?
Kt: she hasnt answered
Danelle: she's probably laffing herself to death for being so dense
Kt: she asked me to go out to lunch , cause mandi is sick. crap
Kt: i bet shed pick you up and go with you
Danelle: oh crap. NO.
Danelle: ACK she asked. you idiot, you told her i was home alone
Kt: yeah!
Kt: sorry
Kt: i figured it would be good for you!
Kt: it wont take all day. dont turn her down
Danelle: well does she know i dont have a car?
Kt: yeah
Danelle: FUCK
Kt: i told her im at charlies with your car
Kt: she will prolly pick you up
Danelle: no she'll want me to crawl over broken glass and feel guilty about it
Danelle: oh god she's coming I have to GO!
Danelle: you IDIOT!
Danelle: lol... bye
Kt: lol


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