Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Hectic day.

Met Amanda this morning to go wedding flower shopping. We met some really nice organized people, and some really weird disorganized people. Guess which one is cheaper? Gah. Gotta go with organized people tho. We went to lunch at Las Delicias, which was...delicias.

On my way to meet Amanda, I stopped at the gas station for coffee. My cup had been in the car a couple of days so I needed to rinse it in the bathroom. I opened the door and was face to face with a little old lady sitting on the pot. "oops! I thought I locked that!" Groan....

Then after I came home Mark and I decided to go get some books down south at a Sally on Florida and Sheridan. We cleaned up big time. They don't do their books by the bag very often, so they had a lot of good stuff. We brought home probably around 150 books or so for $12.

Last week I applied for a job nearby, less than a mile away actually, at the American Cattlemen's Association (Hi Laura!) and I got a note back today saying I appear to meet much of their criteria, and I would hear from them next week regarding an interview. This could mess up the whole nursing dealio, might be necessary anyway. Could be a good thing. There's even a little travel involved. Mooo!


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