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I just received this lovely email, and I would like all of you to have the opportunity to write her back (her email is at the bottom of this post) , if you feel so compelled. I thought flooding her inbox might be fun.

i stumbled upon your web page today, why in heavens name why?
your little child is God ugly, looks like she hit every fucking branch coming down the ugly tree, and thats surprising since your cute. your site is stupid, and honey it looks like you are extremely bored and think to much of yourself to put every little thought you have online as if anyone cares. you need to go to jenny craig and spend some quality time there and stay away from your pc for a bit. your really pretty if you would get off you ass sometimes and out into the real world you would shed some pounds and be beautiful.

Here's her picture, from her yahoo profile:

Hmm, looks like someone could use to lose a few pounds, hmm? Oh, woe is me..why oh why can't I be as beautiful as Tonia from Missouri? I drag myself to the mirror everyday and sigh...if only..if only...I could be beautiful like Tonia. Tonia with the pig nose and fat arms, and cheeks so chubby they are ready to burst from her face. Her stringy hair and thin lips. How beautiful she must feel every day.

You can access her profile here. Her favorite things are singing, talking and playing with animals. Wow, what a fascinating life she leads. How does she have time to leave nasty emails with all that singing and talking she's got going on?

Do write her, won't you? Her address is I think I'll put her on my buddy list.

Bottom line, say what you want about me. But when you start talking shit about my kids, and "my people's" kids, I will own you. I will make your life a living hell until I decide to stop.

Enjoy your fame, Miss Tonia.


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