Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


We're snowed in. No really.

We buried Louie last night in a tasteful yet quick ceremony, as it was raining. This morning Emma saw all the snow and said "did the snow bury Louie some more?" We said yes..she said "How thoughtful of the snow. Very thoughtful."

Yesterday we had to take her with us to Northglenn to buy books. This is normally about a 3-hour ordeal, so we took turns entertaining her. At one point, her and I were wandering the store and she came up to me and said "Nell? I don't think I've ever been this bored in my WHOLE life." Giggle. She was so good while we bought books though that we took her to the McDonalds playplace for about an hour and even let her play before she ate. woot!

I need to get out, take Katie to Wal-Mart for last minute travel things. There's tire marks on the street, I know other people have gotten out. There is no try, I must do it. Of course I'll take some pictures out there.


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