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I've been reading this one blog for a while, called LA2JAX. It's about a 9-year old boy and his dad who are crossing the U.S. from L.A. California to Jacksonville, Florida by bicycle. He's in third grade! It was only so-so interesting for the past few months, cause they were only getting ready to go. Well, now they've left and it's riveting! They left on March 2 and already Will (the boy) has been in the hospital, suspected of having appendicitis. They're back on the road now, just into Arizona, and I'm anxiously awaiting each entry. Check in with them now and then, it's fun. Maybe they will be coming by where you live.


Many times when we list books, we come across books we just can't list. Usually because they are over-the-top popular books, and too many people have them for sale already. It wouldn't be worth the precious shelf space to wait while 145 people in front of you sell their book. I just finished reading "The Rapture of Canaan" that I retrived from the unlistable pile, and man it was so good. I only just started it about 3 days ago, and finished it this afternoon. I gotta start reading more fiction!

Here's a list of the books I read in February and so far into March:

The Rapture of Canaan - Sheri Reynolds
Rock This - Chris Rock
Babyhood - Paul Reiser
Justice Denied - Robert Tanenbaum
'Tis - Frank McCourt
The Everything Wedding Book

In January I only read Ellen Foster by Kaye Gibbons, and Live From New York by Tom Shales, et al. Now I'm going to start a book called "Last Breath - cautionary tales from the limits of human endurance" Doesn't that sound yummy..? it's right up my alley. Similar to the book I tried to write for about 7 years. Ah well.

I always have books lined up to read. I know what I'm reading next, and I know what I'm reading after that. Even though I read a lot.. I usually have to wait about 24 hours after finishing a book to start another. It's just a weird little superstition/OCD/feng shui type thing with me. I need to get the old book out of my system, it feels like. Today, when I finished The Rapture of Canaan, I was still in a reading mood, and had time on my hands but couldn't pick up the next book. I didn't even want to. But now it's sitting here on my desk just staring at me. I think Canaan would understand.


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