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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Mark pointed something out that was painfully obvious but I hadn't picked up on. My sister...went to Cancun...on Spring Break. Gah! What in the hell would possess a grown adult to do that? I have heard horror stories of "regular folks" accidentally planning their vacation to some Spring Break hot spot, ignorant of the throngs of college students (idiots gone WILD!) there to let loose on their own Spring Breaks. I dunno, as much as I want to go to Mexico someday, you'll never ever ever catch me there on Spring Break.

We had to run over to my moms this morning, Amanda called and said that she had had a flood in the basement, that her hot water heater had ruptured. We zoomed over there, and she wasn't even home. Her basement is full of stuff of my sisters, and a lot of it was soaked. Not good. We took a big rug outside that was sodden, heavier than hell. Also moved a bunch of boxes into other basement rooms that weren't wet. My mom had done a pretty good job of sweeping all the water into the sump pump and moving things out of the way. All in all it wasn't so bad. Told her on the phone later that I'd bring Emma over later this week to visit.

More later...foodie..


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