Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Mark figured out I spent about 8 or so hours "working" today. He drove to Fairplay to return the midget to it's madre, and I stayed home and listed books. We had those 150+ books from the other day sitting around, plus 25 or so leftover from the last batch. I listed every single one of them..And put most of them away. My back is killing me, I look the same as I did when I got up this morning, and I've had entirely too much caffeine. But I feel like I've had a really productive day.

Tomorrow we are going to get up and out early, Katie found some really cool boots at payless and she said they had one pair left..Im gonna go see if they're still there. Tan suede looking with some fuzzie at the top. Really cute. $9! Then off to Northglenn for book buying and then home to see Katie off, she will spend the night at charlies before they really and truly leave for San Francisco on Tuesday. wah!

Speaking of Katie, last night she decided that the kitchen floor wasn't shiny enough, so she mopped it with Armour All. People. Do not ever mop your floor with Armour All. It's like a skating rink in there! I got up in the middle of the night and the first step into the kitchen found me flat on my ass. My feet went straight out from under me. I thought maybe I had splattered grease or something off the stove earlier, but was all over the kitchen. lol!

I know, this is so boring. It's my life. Sorry.


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