Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Too much goin on, no time to write.

Had a blast at the Cologger's meetup last night, made new friends and chummed with the old too. Dy was here when we got home, having spent many hours on the road trying to get to Denver from the mtns. We thrift store'd all day today, then made a huge dinner and watched Bowling for Columbine. Now we're all beat and zombie-fied.

Cindi came over for a while, that was fun. Nice for her to finally meet Dy. People keep saying "Isn't it weird for Mark's wife to be staying over with you guys". And it is, but it totally isn't. I mean it seems like it should be weird...but it's just part of this whole extended family thing we have going on. And really, it's all centered around Emma. Everybody just wants to be cool cause of Emma. And that's nice.

Amanda rammed her snowmobile into a tree today. May have broken some fingers, and cut her face up a bit. Said it took them over an hour to dig the snowmobile out of 9 feet of snow, and then several hours to get back to Denver from..where else..the mtns. *sigh. People, people. It's winter in the Rocky Mountains. Stay down here in the city and drink wine, make a fire and be cozy. Please.


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