Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Chats are working. Tech Support in da house!

Tomorrow is Cindi's birthday..whee hee! Katie did something very cool, I hope Cindi likes it. She will. I got her a subscription to O...and someone else did too. I've been trying to rectify it through amazon, but they're oh-so-not-helpful.

I have a lot of money in the bank right now and it's so grating on my brain. I just want to shop and fly somewhere and buy stuff and do things. But then I look at upcoming expenses..Kt's teeth, Amanda's flowers, my teeth, and SHIT if my check engine light didn't just come on in my damn car. So when you add all that up, I'm scrimping again. It's so hard to have money just sitting there in the bank, smirking at you. Thank god for my child support.

I wonder sometimes if Dan would pay it as well as he does if Colorado didn't enforce it the way it does. They are known nationally for having statistically one of the best enforcement histories. Since you don't pay your child support directly to a person, but rather a third party enforcement agency, there's no dickering about "ooh, I dont have it this month..can you wait a week or so?" I love it. So..I do count my blessings there. I am lucky to get a decent amount, and get it on time and reg'lar.

I am waiting and waiting and waiting for copies of 3 years worth of tax returns so I can finish my financial aid application for nursing school. After that, it will likely take up to 10 weeks to be approved. The advisors at Front Range are most encouraging tho, being as I am a) a single mom and b) poorer than dirt...I should qualify for a full ride. That's fun in a bun, no? I'm anxious to get started, I will have to take a couple of pre-req "Im smart enough to be in college" summer classes before I can actually start the program in the fall. C'mere!!...lemme poke ya wiff my syringe thingie!!!

Ok, off to find some good bad tv. American Idol tonight. It better be good.


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