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I haven't done the Monday Mission from Promo Guy in a while..

1. Now that the weather (in America, that is) is getting nice and warm, what have you been looking forward to doing the most?
**Sitting in the sun and reading. I love to just sit outside (when it's not blazing hot) and put my feet up and read.

2. On Easter, I had to run around all day visiting family. It turned what was supposed to be a special day and turned me into one big stress-ball. Do you enjoy spending time with your family (parents, siblings, etc.) or do you prefer to see them now and then?
**My day was one big giant stressball too. I've heard heaven is like a family reunion every day. I'm scared.

3. Did your parents play along with the whole "Easter Bunny" legend? Did you eventually figure it out or did someone tell you? How did that make you feel?
**We always got Easter Baskets, but I don't remember there being any big secret that it was actually mom and dad.

4. This isn't necessarily a religious question (although it certainly can be if you'd like), but what does "Easter" mean to you personally?
The current commercial celebration of Easter is about plying the kids with candy and baskets of schtuff. But my faith proclaims it as the celebration of the Risen Jesus. Amen.

5. When I was a kid, we didn't have plastic Easter Eggs (except for those that came with Mom's L'eggs pantyhose), so we always hid real eggs. One Easter I remember I threw away a broken egg in my bedroom trash can and it took me weeks before I realized why my room smelled like something died in there. Do you have any funny or memorable Easter stories?
**Well, yesterday when my mom spilled the gravy boat full of gravy all over herself. Also, I was baptised on Easter, 1979.

6. I currently watch way, way too many TV shows. In fact, I feel some relief that some are being cancelled or are ending because I just can't give any of them up. Is there anything you do too much of and just can't stop?
**I don't watch too much tv, though I do have a few shows I like. I feel like Im on the pc too much, but it's where I work so I have no choice. I guess I just eat too much.

7. Long ago, I took a leadership seminar. At one point the leader gave his philosphy on life: the three things that matter most in life are "your family, your religion and your job, and what they mean to you." Would you agree? What are the three things that matter most in life?
**Hey, I think I went to that too, who was that? I remember using it on my boss at Mountain Bell. (1981). 3 things that matter most - My faith, my family, my hard drive.


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