Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Dy's making me post even tho I don't wanna.

The haircut is great, although I feel a little mournful. There was a lot...LOT of hair on the floor. I've gone from waist length hair to shoulder length. It's layered beautifully, though. The woman was very good, taking her time (and hour and 15 minutes) and even re-wetting it and re-cutting a few spots after she blow dried and noticed something or other. The salon I went to was also a Day Spa, so I suppose they are used to pampering folks. I brought my pictures, but didnt need to after all, cause the stylist had her hair exactly like I wanted it. Funny! Katie hovered nearby the whole time, explaining what I (she) wanted in great detail. Then when I was paying Katie whispers to me "you know you have to tip her, right?" WHAT?! Really? You're kidding. I live under a rock, I didn't know." duhhhh. lol. I gave her $7 on a $33 haircut, I think that was sufficient. Katie's so funny.

That's about it for now. Maybe a picture tomorrow. I've had a long day doing other things and I'm beat.


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