Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


People chow is evil. It's evil incarnate I tell you!

You don't know what it is? Oh my, it's only the best snack in the whole damn world. So good that you can never stop eating it. Katie and I have been yelling at each other all night. "Get this away from me!" "Don't let me near this!" "I can't eat anymore - stop me!"

It's Chex cereal dredged in melted chocolate then covered in powdered sugar. It's a delicate process that you have to do quickly, and then it makes your clean kitchen look like a tornado came through. I made some tonight and I was getting berated even while making it. "Why are you making that?" "We'll eat it all in one night!" "Oh no! People chow!"

I gotta go get just one more tiny small bowl of it.


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