Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


This is for PN, really. So she can truly see how dull things are around here. This is what my day was filled with today. Hope this page doesn't take too long to load.

This is what time I got up. I stay up till around 3am every night, so I sleep late.

The first stop of the day is always the post office. Always. Every day.

And these are the silly people that hang out around there.

We decided to hit some yard sales.

We bought too many fun things. Including a huge bag of socks, Emma size. I mean huge. Like a bag that a comforter would come in. For $2. I'm in heaven.

Still yard saling, we had to wait for a train. Emma thought it was terrific.

Finished yard saling, we were going to the thrift store, when we saw this..on the side of the road.

Of course we had to stop. I don't know what was going on, but there were some kids across the school yard saluting as it took off.

It was very cool. Emma was amazed. And it was sooo loud.


More fun stuff bought. A snow shovel, ( we didnt have one!) an apple corer and a really nice frying pan. Wow, this is so interesting I know.

By then we were starving. Taking a clue from my sister we went to Cici's all you can eat pizza place. $3.99 per!

Can't beat that. We sat there for about 30 minutes after we ate, digesting. We couldn't move.

We get home and I decide to do something nice for Katie. She's worked so hard in school this year. Plus she has a job, and works out religiously, every day. She's been going up to the Rec Center, but was becoming discouraged at paying $3.25 every time she went. So I headed up to the Apex Center

and got her a pass that is good for a year!

Don't ask me how I paid for it, I will probably throw up just thinking about how much it costs. But it was totally worth it, she soo deserves it. She isn't home yet, so she doesn't know. She's gonna freak!

So, that done...we decide to sit and watch a little news, and boom..Mark sits down in the recliner and a spring breaks. Bleh.

He fixed it though.

We chill and veg like heathens and finally it's Emma's bedtime. Time for a story.

Now, it's time to get to work..

And guess what. We'll do the exact same thing almost every other day of the week. Riveting. Exciting! Action packed. Umm...not.

PN, tomorrow can I come over to your house and drive around in your show car and pick up boys instead?

A day in the life. That was kinda fun. What did you do today, anyway?


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