Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Yesterday started out nice enough...

We got some breakfast on the run and headed to Northglenn for our Monday ritual of buying books. We did well there, came away with 7 bags. Then we were driving home and decided we would stop at this other Salvation Army store, that doesn't do books by the bag, or so we were told. But we're still looking for a dryer, and we'd never been to this store. Lo and behold....books by the bag. We were a little frantic because we had to be home at a certain time for Katie to take the Elantra to the Rec Center and elswhere, and I had promised her we'd be back on time. We did a great job, and managed to cram 9 more bags of books into the car.

Right after we got home it started snowing really hard..big scary screensaver flakes. I let Katie go out anyway, she's got to start driving in the stuff sooner or later. She said later she was afraid I was going to call and make her come home.

Then later there was some misunderstandings and discussions (the loud kind) but it eventually got worked out. Everything is pretty much peachy again.

Today has been glorious and sunny, all the snow (and there was a lot of it) was gone by noon. I love Colorado for that. Tonight we are having barbeque ribs (yum, Dy!) for dinner and I'm really looking forward to it, Im starving. (Well one look at me and you'd know I wasn't starving, but to me, it feels like my stomach is eating itself.)

American Idol is on tonight. Please please please Make Kimberly Caldwell fall and break her neck.


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